Going Home

Some day, some where,
Beyond the mountains and the sea
My saviour will be waiting
With his arms outstretched to me.

In lofty mansions there I'll find
A room awaiting me.
Lovingly prepared by GOD
Where I'll live eternally.

There will be so much catching up
With those who've gone before,
Such singing and such praising
Of the One who we adore.

No tears or sadness will be there,
No sorrow, grief or pain.
No darkness, gloom or ugliness,
No guilt, no fear, no shame.

The Son will be our saviour,
Who died to set us free.
The brightness of His presence
Will be light enough to see.

These things I now see dimly
From very far away.
But the work He's started in me
He will keep until the day.

That day when in the glory
I will see Him face to face,
And among the many myriads
I'll take my special place.

© Sandra Hughes, 2007